Sanctum of Domination, week 12

Sunday went fine, got six bosses down and nearly got the seventh, but something was just not right. Yesterday we killed the Guardian on the third try, after one silly ninja pull and one weird tankbuster wipe.

Roh-Kalo proved to be a little difficult, but it also didn’t help we had people who had never seen the fight on Heroic and others who’d never done the runes before. Then some WeakAura malfunctions (or people not interpreting them correctly, or both). In the end we settled for the “6 colors and the WeakAura assigns marks the 3-4 who will run”. The amount of spheres going round is a bit ridiculous, but overall we seem to be pretty good on execution once the people have understood what to do and have had a chance to practice once or twice.

Very happy overall. We’re not the fastest, but we’re constantly progressing, I’m just noticing my gear actually falling behind and it could be that I’m the person with the worst iLvl already at 232, and we killed the last boss that drops 239 today.

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