Getting ready for Endwalker

The last days I thought about what I wanna do before Endwalker launches (50 days left), so here’s an unsorted list:

  • White Mage from 75 to 80, mostly MSQ duty roulette
  • Dancer from 73 to 80, Pixies and duty roulette
  • Machinist from 65 to 70, maybe 80, duty roulette
  • Rogue/Ninja to 50, duty roulette
  • get at least one Resistance weapon, investigate a second, this needs the Invalice Raids (1/3 done)
  • level Red Mage via Heavensward Beast Tribe quests for rep
  • catch up crafting job quests somewhat, maybe all to 60
  • the NieR raids
  • finish the Shadowbringers MSQ
  • maybe work on Paladin (currently 62)
  • farm the missing ponies from Leviathan and Garuda, I have 4 already

And here’s a list of things I’ve done:

  • Bard to 80
  • Warrior to 80
  • all crafting and gathering jobs to 80
  • catch up gathering job quests to 60
  • did my first Wondrous Tails (working on second)
  • check out some Alliance Raids
  • Emanation EX with 3 people, mostly for Wondrous Tails, but also for the challenge (I know it’s been solod, shh)
  • get all missing caster jobs to 30 (BLU, BLM, SCH, AST)

And finally a list of stuff that I am not planning to do:

  • gear grinds
  • powerlevel all the jobs
  • trying to solo 60 EX trials with my bad gear any further
  • start PGL/MNK or LNC/DRG or SAM

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