Sanctum of Domination, week 13

Sunday was weird. We had 8/10 Hc down and it was decided to extend. Our main tank had abandoned the Kel’Thuzad-skip quest so there was some lamenting and trying to share (doesn’t work) and banter about how he should not worry and we’ll simply not kill him. Then he died on the first pull without it being even a close call.

Then we continued on to Sylvanas, that was a bit harder. We always lost at least 2-3 people in phase 1 to the chains, sometimes to stupid stuff. In P2 we were often too slow so she cast Ruin when we weren’t in range yet.

Tuesday it continued and after 23 wipes we’ve seen P3 for the first time and were at 70% – so this is gonna take a while I guess.

Then again with the weekly reset I should be able to finally get my 262 Legendary before the Sunday raid.

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