Getting back into WoW for 9.2, or not

Back at the start of December when I stopped playing WoW I was kind of sure I’d come back for 9.2 and go raid with my guild. Meanwhile I’ve been having a blast in FFXIV and while Blizzard didn’t have anything newsworthy to report that was equally horrible as all the stuff in the summer… I noticed that I don’t miss WoW. Then I tried to read up on some bits and bobs about what’s coming and I’m also not excited, but I didn’t have a clear picture yet of the new patch.

Catching up on RSS I noticed this post by Kaylriene (yeah, 10 days ago) and it indeed sounds bleak. The Korthia grind in 9.1 is already the thing I hated most, in addition to having to run Torghast again.

I was low-key planning to reroll Warlock because as far as I know we lost ours (switched to Hunter), but when this idea still sounded good to me I had completely forgotten about Legendaries and Torghast. My Warrior main is iLvl 240, and from a quick glance my active M+ running guildies are not higher than 248 for the most part, so I’d still have no problem just joining in when we start normal, I hope. But I don’t even know what gear I could quickly acquire on a yet-to-be-boosted character, and if I really want to do that. I think I want to subscribe and do Normal raids, maybe that even works in a single month – but I’m already leaning towards not participating in Heroic this time, just because then I’m feeling the need to keep up with gear and Legendaries and rep and everything. That simply sucks, I’m not sure you can really be a casual Heroic Raider.

I still can’t tell how the Extreme Trials and Savage Raids in FFXIV compare to Normal and Heroic Raiding in WoW, but let me tell you how easy it was to get iLvl 570/580 gear (in times of hours invested) for several jobs in FFXIV versus just getting gear on ONE CLASS in WoW, not even entertaining the thought of doing it on an alt. I had started Korthia on my Shaman, but my interest fizzled out in like week 3 and that was nowhere near the end, despite dutifully doing my dailies every day (not searching around for rares, just the dailies and weeklies).


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