Savage raiding in FFXIV

Last night we finally managed to get our static together on the third Sunday where we had planned and went into Asphodelos. Roughly 33 wipes, the last two were due to enrage and a lack of DPS, but at least we made it so far.

One of eight couldn’t make it today, but we planned to continue with 7, then sadly one more was sick, so we had to sub in two people (who had already both killed him) and after five more wipes we had him down. Yes, it was nice to get it done, but it was also a bit of a letdown because it wasn’t “the team”, despite us just having started now in this expansion and most of us not having played together ever, or not recently. And one of the replacement folks was a reaper who did 20.8% of the damage, versus an average 15.x for the other 3 dps.

This is not to lay blame on them in any way, of course. I was parsing 1% (instead of 0%) on Warrior, but at least I was over 10% better than yesterday – with 3.51k DPS (2.08m damage, 8.73%), and I shouldn’t be behind our Paladin MT – so I’m certainly not in a position to criticize them.

Anyway, raiding is moderately fun but I am not and will probably never be a fan of how DPS-focused all the non-DPS jobs in FFXIV are, at least compared to WoW. That’s currently my number one downside in this game. If I am healing I want to heal and not perfect my DPS rotation, if I am tanking I want to do other things than paying attention to my DPS rotation.

It just feels bad if I am learning a new class (and as I played my Warrior just a little before Endwalker, and never did any “hard” content, I am counting it as new) and no matter how good it feels to be doing all the mechanics correctly and mitigating at the right time, if you get a 1% parse it kinda sucks. Then again I looked at some of the numbers, a #1000 kill in ~8:17 instead of our 10:00 (Enrage), the numbers for some random Warriors are:

  • Orange 95% parse, 5,24k DPS, 2.61m damage, 10.96%
  • Purple 78% parse, 5.04k DPS, 2.4m damage, 10.55%
  • Blue 74% parse, 4.86k DPS, 2.42m damage, 10.17%
  • Blue 50% parse, 4.75k DPS, 2.38m damage, 9.99%
  • Green 39% parse, 4.66k DPS, 2.32m damage, 9.74%
  • Grey 18% parse, 4.36k DPS, 2.17m damage, 9.12%

So I guess around 4.5k would be the benchmark to be good enough for Green, so that would probably be a reasonable goal. Or maybe getting to 10-15% first 😛

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