I actually played SWTOR

OK, so after trying to get back into SWTOR a bit (spreadsheets were involved), there are a few things that happened.

  • As a Preferred Player (not subscribed) I “activated” 6 more of my characters (the last one you played stays active anyway)
  • They all seem to be item Level 305-306 and Level 75
  • Managed to reach the Conquest goal on 3 of them
  • You can still easily waste 50k points by finishing the wrong thing on the wrong toon, I could have had 4 now
  • Made it to Galactic Season Level 4.5
  • I am nearly caught up to the end of Onslaught on one character
  • Started KotFE on one character
  • None of the characters I looked at have a Level 50 companion. Highest I saw are 45 and 44

So I have 12 characters at the old max level of 75 and only 2 of them had finished KotET and a third had finished KotFE. For the majority of my active play time not all the companions had been back, and I hated that – also back when I did it it was kind of a slog, on the Sage a bit and on the Operative even more (I think on the Bounty Hunter it was fine). So that’s the reason why I never did it.

For the one character where I started KotFE today I noticed that I kinda remember a lot oft this, despite only having done it three times, and I don’t even know how long ago the first time was. In my mind I had this dreadful stretch of time, but if you spacebar hard enough (just skimming the options to select) and I was SO surprised how quickly it goes – but maybe my Sith Juggernaut in 306 gear just kills everything very quickly and I don’t have to search for things. But still:

  • Chapter 1 – 13 min
  • Chapter 2 – 15 min
  • Chapter 3 – 12 min
  • Chapter 4 – 25 min
  • Chapter 5 – 12 min

I guess I can do this. So while I’m not making any grand plans, I’ll see if I can push him through this and then all the way through Onslaught in the next weeks and maybe do a Conquest or two per week.

2 thoughts on “I actually played SWTOR”

  1. KotFE/KotET is always this kinda slog in the overall story progression of your character; it’s not just your memory playing tricks on you. 😛 True that you can shorten it a lot by spacebarring like a mofo, but then you’re kinda half-skipping already…

    1. Yeah I don’t plan to rush them all through now but a single fast one for a “this char won’t do it anyway” is nice I guess. And I can choose. Also now I want to write down the times for all of them because I am nosy…

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