A return to SWTOR?

SWTOR’s new expansion Legacy of the Sith has dropped and I actually patched up and logged in!

There has been a huge UI overhaul and the SWTOR subreddit seems to collectively hate it. I’m not super happy with some of the things, but overall I don’t see a problem – but I’ve not done a lot of things yet. Yes, the class icons are an abomination and I really hope they’ll patch them…

I did play through the “Echoes of Oblivion” thing of one of the last patches last night, and while I liked it overall, I am not a fan of this type of setting (to avoid spoilers), I prefer more non-abstract down-to-earth missions.

According to this neat flowchart it seems I have 2 instances lined up, then I will run into the wall that is “must be a subscriber to play the new expansion”, but I’ve not even logged in more than 2 (Republic) characters as of now, and I’ve been away for more than a year (last SWTOR post in September 2020), so I first need to find out where in the story I stand and maybe I have some catch-up to do anyway. Won’t hurt to familiarize myself with some of my toons again, and right now I don’t mind catching up with older content – but of course I won’t repeat this 10 times…

As I wrote this week I’m still 100% unsure whether to resub WoW for 9.2, so I think it’s a bad idea to sub SWTOR now – but if WoW doesn’t happen or if I’m gone again after a month, then this is a possibility. I guess having someone at home who has started playing again (and actually managing to get over 100 renown levels in the last week to get that “every class to 100” achievement) has helped the hype factor – as usual it’s better to play with friends.

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