Zereth Mortis – the end?

So, I just reached Revered with the Enlightened faction in Zereth Mortis, which is an important milestone for Legendary stuff, and I have finished upgrading my Cypher to Level 6/6 which means I can now get 252 items from World Quests and bosses there.

I got quite some gear upgrades the last 3 weeks, but most of my items are still below 252, so with some lucky stats there could be some interesting things. I can now also buy the item to upgrade my conduits to 239, but the grind to get the faction to Exalted isn’t really important. My “mandatory daily” phase is done because I’m not counting on drop luck for these maybe-an-upgrade items, but the daily round in ZM didn’t feel as much as a chore as Korthia did, so I might continue, just not every day.

Now I just need to find out how Dual Legendaries actually work because I’m still wearing my useless 262 Covenant cloak with 239 Epic pants, whereas I could switch to 252 Cloak + 235 Legendary Pants, which should be an upgrade, but maybe not…

OK, that was easier than expected, I could refund my Soul Ash and Soul Cinders of the 262 Cape by handing it in, buying a new 292 Cape for 70k gold and crafting a 292 Deathmaker Legendary. Now I have a spare 235 Leg Deathmaker that I could destroy as well, but it would only give me Soul Ash, as it’s Level 4. Not that hard once you grasped it, but still a little convoluted. At least there are refunds! Equipped Item Level is now 250, nice.

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