Non-Adventures in Tyria

Been feeling a little meh regarding FFXIV lately, so I ramped up my time in WoW and… Guild Wars 2, which is a little surprising.

First of all I crafted two Ascended items, Zojja’s Chest and Shoulders, in Heavy – which means they have the Berserker prefix, which seems to be the best for a shocking amount of classes and specs, especially my Warrior/Berserker and Guardian/Dragonhunter – and I can use it on both! So for now I gave the new pieces to the Guardian because her equip pieces in those 2 slots weren’t as good as the Warrior’s and it’s not a huge upgrade over Exotics. So both of them now have 2 of 6 and I need to craft 2 more. Also I seem to drown in Laurels so I bought a second set of Ascended Amulet+2 Rings so I don’t have to trade everything around. I still have a bunch of chests I could open for Ascended crafting mats…

Then I spent 10 Tomes and brought my Necro from 70 to 80 because leveling that stretch is kinda pointless when I am drowning in Instant-Level up items. She’s still on the Level 60 part of the story anyway, gotta catch that up at some point. But seeing as most other 80s were already kinda geared I took the opportunity to open all the Chests of Loyalty that had piled up. They give 76-80 Exotics which are Account Bound, so might as well feed the Necro who needs Condi gear and not the Berserker gear that I already stockpiled in my bank. So it’s salvaging the sub 80 pieces now, using Condi for the Necro, and keeping the other 80s, for now.

Then I went off and respecced the main toons according to MetaBattle and then I’ve started to work on World Completion. My Warrior was at 79% already and I’ve since pushed that to 82%. Slowly, one zone at a time, and not more than an hour per day. I also got back into doing the 3 daily challenges for a bit, those 2g are nice, as I had to spend some on the Ascended crafting already. (I know there’s no real point in doing this, but if I have 90% of the mats already, it’s a nice goal to work towards – and I don’t really know what to spend my gold on anyway… I will surely not buy Viper’s pieces for the Necro for 16g each…)

My Thief has pretty good gear, if I trade her the Ascended Rings+Amulet the only thing sticking out are 2 Green 80 Rings, if I could get 2 Exotics here I’d call her done. Which is kinda nice, declaring gearing done, no matter if there’s a new expansion coming along. Oh, and for the Necro there’s more to do – first of all I don’t plan on getting the “perfect” Viper’s or Celestial set, a mix of “it’s an 80 Exotic with Condi” is fine for me, I can figure that out – but it’s still Chest, Hands, Offspec Weapon and 2 Accessories missing. The rest I managed to do in 2 nights, that’s stockpiling for you… The Ranger is mostly ok stuff (but no Exotics), but I’m ignoring him for now, same as the Mesmer. Maybe I am setting my goals a little too high already, for this casual thing…

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