Rediscovering old goals

Sometimes having a blog is really handy because there’s just no way I would remember what I was doing (as in my goals) in a game, 5 years ago – but here we are and I can read where I was in Guild Wars 2. Although I actually did remember some of the things form 4.5 years ago, and the Story Journal also provided some hints. Also, gw2efficiency is awesome.

  • My Warrior still hasn’t done the last step of the personal story and the last 2 steps of HoT, I want to finish those
  • Four Level 80s are at the exact same step in Chapter 8 of the Personal Story, no idea why – and the Necro is close to that, so I’m gonna bring here to the same step and wait it out then
  • I had forgotten that I had progressed the Mesmer into HoT
  • The Ranger has done most of Living World Season 3, he’s the only one for that
  • I was already working on map completion
  • The 4000 gems from buying the Ultimate edition of the Path of Fire expansion have lasted until now (have 600 left)
  • Need to check what “Anomalous Occurrences” is
  • maybe bring my 400 Crafting skills to 500 and then sell some leftover mats, apparently I am sitting on hundreds of gold in mats

But I’ve also found and achieved a few new goals already:

  • finish crafting my Ascended Heavy gear set and maybe reroll my Helm to be Zojja’s as well
  • replace the non-Exotic gear with Exotics for some chars (I honestly wonder how I managed to do HoT with 72 Exotics on my 80 Mesmer back then, apparently I was a better player or they are about as good as 80 greens?)
  • 100% map completion on Warrior (86% now) and get enough Hero Points to have Berserker completed (6 missing)
  • try to do the daily challenges every day where I have time to play GW2
  • Unsure whether to roll a Revenant and insta-ding 80 (because I have the Heavy Armor) and atm I am not liking the Charr I made (sitting at Level 2) at all, I do have enough level boosts after all. But then again I have enough chars atm…

Overall I’m just coming back into the groove and having a lot of fun.

Now if only I could decide whether to open my Carrion Ascended Weapon box, as those stats are only good for the Necro, or if I should grab a Greatsword and reroll the stats to Berserker…

Also kind of funny that Belghast and I rediscovered GW2 at about the same time, with no mutual input. I think he started a week earlier and I didn’t see that for a week.

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