Jumping and gimmicks

I am generally really enjoying the jumping puzzles in GW2 (and FFXIV and mostly in SWTOR). Unlike other games (for example some in Zereth Mortis in WoW) they were built in from the start and just feel right. Maybe sometimes a bit too lenient in regards to where you can land and not fall off, but I’m not complaining.

But I started Living World Season 2 recently and there are a few crystals to pick up which give you a 8-10s super jump and boy do I hate it. I don’t have time to think, if I am not fast enough I have to jump down and restart, and worst of all, they change your main bar so if you accidentally pick one up in a fight you might be wondering why you’re not hitting anything anymore if you’re looking at the telegraphed ground AoEs and dodging.

And then there was the “Cornered” step of the first chapter where you fight a boss and have to use those gimmicky crystals and it’s the first time since I started playing again that I wanted to rage quit and leave it. I wouldn’t even say it was hard it just the most annoying stretch of game play I have witnessed in a very long time, as a non-ranged class. First you need to grasp that you should ignore all the adds on the ground that your friendly NPCs are engaging, then you need to gimmick-jump onto a pillar and either sometimes jump to the boss’ pillar or wait for him to come. I think I needed 15 minutes for that fight and did I mention it has a few one-shot mechanics?

Seriously, this sucked so much I’m not exactly looking forward to continuing right now, but I desperately need the Central Tyria Mastery Points, so I guess I should finish chapters 2 and 3 quickly. Sigh.

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  1. Did you try the jumping puzzle in the pirate cavern yet? (Can’t recall exactly where, but it’s south of Lion’s Arch. That sucker kept me busy for days before I finally figured it all out.

    1. Hehe, had done it in the past and it came up as a daily again last week. I kinda just ran through and found my way. I did peek at a solution for the jump into the cave though because I was not in the mood to die and try again from the start 😛

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