A weekend of Guild Wars 2

Friday night I finished the Personal Story for the first time, 7 years and 1 week after I started playing and now I only have 5 of my 6 Level 80 characters stuck in Act 8. Everything up to Act 8 was kinda fine, and I did that dutifully, but Orr… there’s just something about dark, zombie-infested areas that I hate in MMOs. Flashback to WildStar’s Level 50 zones. Eastern Plaguelands wasn’t that bad for some reason.

Anyway, one thing down from my todo list but I just noticed that my chars are all over the place here. None have started either Living World 2 or 4, or the Icebrood Saga. I completed 4, 11, and 13 of 16 steps in HoT and I noped out in Act 1 of PoF. Weird. So I guess it’s: World Completion, then finish HoT, then work on PoF. And ignore the char that has done 2/3 of Living World Season 3 for now.

I also noticed that my Masteries are very weirdly distributed. I am 4/5 done with the last step of the Pact Commander tier, but I am missing 2 points to finish it then. For some unknown reason I did 2 of 4 in Fractal Attunement already while never having set foot in one, as far as I remember. In HoT I have 15 points and 2 steps in different tiers half trained and just having finished a third… and no idea why. And then in PoF I desperately need 1 Mastery Point to finalize my Raptor Mount 2. As I said, no focus and no idea.

Yesterday I actually managed to finish World Completion on my Warrior, but it nearly took until 1 am. On the plus side now Berserker is fully unlocked and I even have 15 Hero points spare.

And then again I wondered why Jeweler and Scribe only go to 400 when the rest goes to 500, and then proceeded to level Weaponsmith from 401 to 440.

Today I finished everything up the last chapter of HoT on my Mesmer and then proceeded to die horribly. Then I stood in front of the story instance entrance with an LFG up for over 20 minutes and no one joined, but I saw at least 10 people in groups of 1-2 go in there. After logging out and doing something else, then coming back 20 minutes later apparently the advert was still up and someone joined just to help. Awesome people exist. If I read the party tag right they had 455 mastery points and, like they said, had everything done in the game and were mostly helping others now. Thanks, stranger! We aced the story instance with no problem, so one of my two toons has now also finished HoT.

Then someone advertised a “hero point train for HoT” in general chat and I joined on my Mesmer. We managed to blast through 3 zones and (I think 33) hero point locations in 56 minutes. It was so disorienting that I missed a few in the first zone and still one in the second zone (had to skip one in the last because of a missing mastery). I guess I’ll join again if they do that, it’s such a time savior. So thanks, Zander the Mesmer!

Finally Belghast invited me to their guild because to our surprise this works across the ocean, despite playing on different Megaservers. Weird, but we’ll take it. Thanks, ArenaNet!

That’s the thing about Guild Wars 2. Every time I come back I play all day for a while and already now I feel the urge to buy End of Dragons and throw money at them, for letting me fully enjoy the game where I last bought an expansion in 2017.

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