WoW and… a fast grind?

When I said I was “done” with Zereth Mortis two weeks ago, I still had some slots with item level lower than 252, so there were still upgrades to be had – this opportunity for backup gear has now been made irrelevant because the +12 M+ I mentioned gave me nice 272 bracers. I’m still wearing 5 pieces of 252 ZM gear though, 2 Legendaries, 1 M+ drop, 6 drops from Sepulcher (one of them a Tier piece) out of 26 bosses killed and 3x Great Vault (is that a good or bad ratio?), and 2 Sanctum drops, one of them even Non-Heroic 233. Never got a better trinket, which is a little sad.

Last night I spent my last cypher drop currency items (whatever name they have) and got the achievement to have researched everything in the Cypher of the First Ones. Well done Blizzard, I subscribed on March 2nd and I finished it on March 30th without excessive grinding, I was basically doing my round of dailies and World Quests dutifully every day, sometimes staying a few more minutes, but nothing I would call actually grinding. And I have 2 days spare that I could’ve taken off – so if you sub for a month then you can do it, which I think is a fair grind. I am not sure though if those items ever dropped in the raid and I’d have to retroactively calculate how much rep I got in the raid, so maybe you’d need to spend more than 29 days to get to Revered + Cypher done, but I guess I’m too lazy for that. It worked for me and I’m not even unsubbing.

So what’s left now is the grind to Exalted and killing those last 5-6 Rare Mobs I’ve never seen so far, then checking the achievements tab if there’s anything else to do, otherwise I might be slowly shifting to doing the dailies on my Ele Shammy now as long as they’re not annoying me and let the Rep on my main pile up while raiding and killing bosses.

On my old server I’ve been very slowly leveling 5 Horde toons from 50 to 60 at the same time. Log in, queue for random dungeon, do some Threads of Fate stuff like quests or WQs while waiting for the pop (usually 5-10 minutes), then run the dungeon (which often also only takes 10-15 minutes because there are so many 60s running their friends through or doing it for gold maybe?) and then sometimes finish the quest I started, sometimes just directly log out again. Takes about 60-90 minutes per day and gives me more than half a level five times (some days I skip one or more toons when they are not well-rested). Once this batch is done I can rotate in another four of them, we’ll see how long I am in the mood. I also shouldn’t forget buying the 40 Renown catchup item before starting like I did with the first two. After that there’d still be my four Allied Race toons but the main priority is to get one per class to 60 on the Horde side.

So yeah, kinda busy in WoW and riding the wave as long as I am having fun.

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