Some goals reached

On Wednesday evening I completed chapter 2 of the Living World Season 2 and again it had a horrible boss fight, but this one was at least more manageable than chapter 1. Starting to wonder if my play style with the Mesmer simply doesn’t fit this kind of content or I’m just bad. On the other hand it’s not like I’m dying all the time, it’s just not particularly fun. The story itself is great, that’s why I’m continuing (not sure the mastery points alone would be enough of a draw after this… ok, maybe until I get the third that I desperately need).

After that I did my dailies (fine as usual) and then decided to tackle PoF content on my Warrior. I’m dying less (not never) and I want to see how the story continues. The problem was that I was now blocked on the story mission in chapter 2 because I ran into a bit of a catch-22. I had spent 3 mastery points into Raptor Riding (the only thing that’s unlocked so no problem here) but I needed 3 more to unlock the Canyon Jumping (i.e. long jump) to continue. Like… hard blocked on the story. So I looked around for a single mastery point (as I had 2 of the 3 needed) and then I got a little mad at the game again. I saw a few on the map but I couldn’t get to them without the second mount, the Springer. Which was supposed to be 5-10 minutes after I had unlocked the long jump for the Raptor. Really aggravating. So in the end I went to the wiki and just looked at every mastery point in order and tried to find out if I can get them – and lo and behold, I had missed one right at the start… Grabbed that one, trained my Raptor, could jump over the cliff, got my Springer mount. That was a little painful and actually weird, but whatever. Went on a little exploration tour after than and now I have 6 spare mastery points which will be enough to unlock the first two tiers for the Springer…

Thursday night saw me finishing the third chapter of Living World Season 2, finally earning that last mastery point I needed to unlock the third tier of Fractal Attunement, so now I have a little breathing room to accumulate XP in old Tyria again. This one didn’t have a horrible boss and I continued to unlock PoF on my Mesmer because I honestly forgot how it started, having played that over 4 years ago. Apparently I’d done only the intro scenario on my Warrior in 2017 and then stopped, seeing as the Mesmer is now on the exact same story step as the Warrior was a week or two ago.

Speaking of the Warrior, I did continue a little in PoF, but not overly much. And I did notice the ‘Invitation to the “Lily of the Elon”‘ in my bags, which is a Lounge pass I got for the PoF Ultimate edition. Oh, and reading some old posts I apparently also bought the Ultimate edition of Heart of Thorns. So I guess if I either run out of gems or finish PoF in the next days/weeks and am still as enthusiastic as I was the last two weeks… maybe I should buy the Ultimate edition of End of Dragons, just to keep up with the tradition?

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