The quest for Ascended

Wow, the weekend kinda flew past and there was some Guild Wars 2.

At first I just wanted to do a few events in HoT zones so I could get enough XP to complete the Mastery track I was missing, but then one meta event led to the other and I got tons of loot and achievements and the time went by so fast.

Sunday afternoon I caught another Hero Point train, for Path of Fire – and went on my Mesmer again. Also this time I managed to jot down the Discord address so I might not miss the next HoT one on my Dragonhunter.

I also noticed I kinda had enough mats to craft my Ascended Heavy Boots and nearly enough mats to also craft the gauntlets which would complete the set. Now I just needed to decide whether to give all the pieces to the Warrior (who is actively doing PoF, so it would make sense I guess?) or to the DH. In any case, his current set of Exotic/Ascended gear had 6 Rage runes so I’d have to redo the whole set anyway. This might be a bone-headed decision but I don’t see the huge difference of some rune sets that cost 6x 6g over some that cost 6x 20s if half the stats are the same or at least also “good” for that build.

I ended up buying the missing mats and also crafting the gauntlets on Monday, giving everything to the Warrior and then setting out for the big goal – finishing the Knight of the Thorn instances on my Mesmer to get an Ascended Weapon – Caladbolg. Oh boy, that included a whole of dying but in the end I made it. Bought some sigils and infusions for the weapon and gave it to the Warrior.

Ascended trinkets on the other hand are really not so easy to come by, but someone on the MetaBattle discord linked this page to someone else, unrelated to my conundrum and it’s the actual missing manual for GW2, I think. It tells you what to grind and how and I guess I might be able to get one of those with just 4-5 days of a 10 minute round for Winterberries and Unbound Magic in Episode 3 of Living World Season 3 on my Ranger, and I parked him there now. Getting the Unbound Magic means buying a special set of Harvesting tools for Karma, but I have 1.7m of that, so that’s no problem. Maybe I was already farming that back then. I certainly remembered the two zones I ported to, whereas I had completely blanked out on having started LW S3…

New Warrior transmog

Ah well, the Molten Greatsword looked better with the armor, but I’m not ready to transmog Caladbolg away just yet.

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