Fantastic goals and how to reach them

Kaylriene has a nice post about goals in FFXIV up and I always find it interesting how these goals (or even complete playstyles) can differ for different MMO players, even ones who play the same game – or in this case, even raiding the same content.

Yes, I’m winding down my activity because I found Savage Raiding not to be my thing, but I’ve had fun with my static for as long as it lasted, but I simply couldn’t care less for gear. Well, except that part of my bad damage is the gear. Not really a big part, that’s mostly on me, but it is a part nevertheless. So I gues my goal was to finish P4S, but I’m happy enough to bow out now and let the others do P3S and P4S, I managed to get 2 of them down in my first ever raid tier. I’m definitely “good” enough to not stand in things, to learn the dance, to kill the boss – but I’m not good with damage and it’s not worth fixing for me. This killed the fun for me.

I also don’t care for gold (I’m at 15m right now because it just seems to accumulate with me doing the things I do) and I’m glad I didn’t go for a house, with the plan to unsubscribe and all. Not that I am against housing, but right now I’m not in the mood and so my half-filled apartment is good enough. I did not get as many jobs to 90 as I had planned, but maybe I’ll manage to finish the last few levels of SMN/SCH – that would be number 11+12 out of 19, a comfortable rounded 2/3. And the DoH/DoL ones are all maxed as well. Let’s ignore BLU here, shall we?

While I like the 5 new glamour plates with 6.1 I’m actually let down that they didn’t increase the size of the Glamour Dresser. I’d need to count but I think I could retire one, maybe two retainers who are only holding low-level gear for future glamour purposes and nothing else.

And I guess it’s a good thing I am not achievement hunting in every game. I really wanted to get the requirements for the Battle Mentor tag done, but simply by not playing enough I’m just shy of 1100 commendations out of 1500 I need – which would be easily fixed by tanking more. Most of the other achievements are a little meh to me – I came too late to the game for them to happen and I’m not going out of my way to spend an immense amount of time doing things I wouldn’t usually do.

I also managed to finish the Namazu and Qitari Beast Tribe grinds, which means I have Endwalker, Shadowbringers, and Stormblood done completely and for Heavensward I’m only missing the Moogles. I didn’t bother with ARR really, but I got the Ixal done and am halfway through the Kobolds and started with Sahagin. Meh.

So did I reach the goals I set up for Endwalker? I’d say mostly. I raided successfully (even if a bit slow) until I lost the fun. I leveled and geared a handful of jobs.

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