Endwalker and Patch 6.1

The big patch we’ve all been waiting for! Or wait, did I?

  • MSQ – done, it was ok
  • Tataru’s Grand Endeavor – not sure I finished it, a little confused here
  • Alliance Raid – Unlocked it, haven’t run it yet
  • Ultimate Raid – no interest
  • New Dungeon – ran it once as part of the MSQ, was kinda nice
  • New Trial – not done yet, not really keen on it
  • Housing lottery – probably good, but I’m not interested in a house
  • PvP – not interested
  • Trusts – not interested
  • MSQ Duty Roulette changed – not sure, I had used it a lot but it was boring
  • Adventurer Plates – nice, but not a gamechanger

And some stuff was pushed to 6.15 it seems:

  • New Beast Tribe – Might start these, I hope they’re for XP and not crafting
  • Custom Deliveries – meh, too late, already got all crafters to 90

So overall there are some nice things but also many things I wouldn’t even be interested in if I was still in full hype mode.

Oh, and I still haven’t done the Alliance Raid, but I kinda want to get it done before I maybe unsub at the end of the month – ah well, one more week I guess.

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