Spring cleaning

As I wrote a while ago I’m in the process of leveling all my Horde toons to 60, 7 are done now, one is at 56, and 4 are missing. I wanted to start the Mage today (one of the 50s) to get the ball rolling on catching some daily random dungeons.

The problem was just that his gear was so shit that I couldn’t even queue for a random Shadowlands dungeon, and the XP rewards (and probably wait time) of the BfA ones weren’t worth it. Easy fix – go to the AH and buy a few pieces. The thing is just that Aggramar is a really low-pop server, close to being dead. Every piece of Level 50 cloth gear was 2-3k gold. For something I’d replace in an hour or three. So what I did instead was log all of 8 toons I had leveled and cleaned out their bags and banks and finally all that gear they accumulated while leveling. And lo and behold, there were actually just enough pieces to get him to iLvl 81 or something and I could queue. Then also checked the other toons, but both the Priest and the Demon Hunter were actually at 80 or 81 and for the Druid I just had to find a weapon. Still really annoying. I leveled these to 120 (now 50) the normal way in one of the earlier patches, so not even 8.0 – it must have been 8.1. And their gear level is too low to queue for a 9.0 dungeon. I’ve done so many of them now and the chance is actually 50/50 that you will have 60s running their friends through or raid-geared toons that just blast through normal. You can actually 3 man them, because often enough someone dies, doesn’t get a rez, and they just continue. Like today in Mists of Tirna Scythe where the 60 tank just pulled half the instance, people died in the unavoidable AoE, I wasn’t quick enough and didn’t get the quest done. Thanks, asshats. It’s been a while since I added people to the ignore list (in hopes to not get matched up again) but today was the day.

Anyway, I also sold a metric ton of old food and I’m thinking of cleaning out my banks now. I’ve been happy to fund my last 2 months of WoW with WoW tokens and if I can get rid of the stuff in the banks on the faction/server where I’ve not played in earnest in a while doing that – all the better.

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