Just dinged 50 on the Zandalari Troll and the “I want to get those levels” project is done for now.

  • One of every class on the Alliance side to 60
  • One of every class on the Horde side to 60
  • Unlock every Heritage Armor currently in game

So this leaves me with 3 Rogues, 3 Hunters, 3 Paladins, 3 Death Knights, and 2 of every other class at 60, and then 2 more Rogues, 2 more Warriors, a Paladin, and a Priest at 50 – that’s 28 max-level chars and 6 at the last max level and I barely want to type it out… and 28 is such an odd number, kinda makes you want to make it a round 30, doesn’t it?

Gear on the other hand is a joke. On my old Alliance server (with 10 of the classes at 60, missing the two that I transferred) the average gear level is 185 – that’s below Season 1 Raid Finder. The Horde server (12 chars) is even worse at 141 average and a single one at 186. But sure, you could easily send them a full set of 226 ZM gear, but what for?

On my current server the three toons without Legendaries are at 240-243, but I’ve not put a ton of effort except doing some ZM.

Guess I need new goals, except for the M+ mount for this season…

2 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. Congrats! (At least for the leveling part.)

    As for the gear, I hear you. I remember how gear from leveling through raiding amps up considerably, to where you’d get someone in mid-expac Tier raid gear and they’d be light years ahead of a fresh max level toon, never mind grinding for stuff. The catch up time required was, to be polite, practically impossible unless a raid team waited for you and helped you to get geared.

    It’s the same in Classic, but with the server imbalance it’s almost a requirement to have a raid team help you out, since on smaller servers the ability to pug things is highly suspect. I kind of hope that gets fixed in Dragonflight.

    1. I don’t want to talk down the catch-up mechanics in Shadowlands, they’re good for certain things.

      The first raid dropped 200/213 on normal/heroic, the second one was 226/239 and when it came out you could grab an easy set of 200 gear and some upgrades (with work in the zone) to 220, the third one is 252/263 and you can start with a set of 226 and actually get a full set of 246-252 from the latest daily zone. So if some of your raid team (not all) wanted to switch classes, they were only a little behind. I’ve seen a lot worse implementations of that. But it’s still some work (which is fine in general) but if you missed the start of the season/raid tier you have to run a lot of M+ to catch up for raids, which is kind of a time investment, but at least it’s doable.

      I just learned that -to me- it’s 100% pointless to collect gear on anything but 1 or 2 alts just for the sake of it. It is 100% useless once the next raid comes out (with a few rare exceptions, I still have a 233 trinket that sims better than all the 272 ones I have access to, it’s a very broken BiS piece for Warrior, and of course I have the S2 normal version and not the heroic one that I’ve been stuck with since October or so?

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