Close to the goal

This week (real one this time, not the raid week) was uneventful in a bigger sense, but I got some things wrapped up.

The Nightborne Priest is finally Level 50 and I have the Heritage Armor unlocked – that was the last one missing. The Demon Hunter reached 60, which means I only have the Blood Elf Priest to go, and only less than 4 levels. And I was kinda unhappy with my Zandalari Troll Paladin at 45 (nearly 49 now thanks to a random BfA dungeon group sticking together and blasting through 3 instances), so I’m gonna push those last few levels although I already have the Heritage armor from dinging 110 back then. Then I finished the Zereth Mortis campaign on my Hunter and I guess I should do it on Paladin and Rogue, if not for the 265 Legendary Belt alone.

Levels are meaningless, but it’s still fun to have milestones for me, I guess.

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