Raiding Sepulcher – weeks 9-13

Why did I not post this for a few weeks? no idea.

Week 9 saw us killing Skolex, Xy’mox, and Pantheon, week 10 was Lihuvim. Then no “kill” progress in week 11 and 12, and last Sunday (week 13) we finally got Halondrus, and on Tuesday we got to 41% on Anduin, so now we’re gonna extend more and hopefully that will help.

Last week was also kinda slow in M+, only got one +15 done, but today after reset I managed to heal a +14 Mists (over time though, and a lot of deaths) and then we timed a +18 Spires with exactly 3s spare.

The Vault gave me a 278 chest, so that means I have 5 slots of the absolute maximum iLevel – and then 5 more fully upgraded at 272. Feels weird if you’ve never really done M+ before and it’s not just a single lucky drop from the Vault, but the majority of your gear. Then again, no luck with weapons at all.

And the “Let Horde and Alliance play together” patch finally went live today, we already had some Horde randoms in a +7 Spires.

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