WoW, the near future, and some soul searching

Last night I wanted to log into WoW and the launcher helpfully said: “14 minutes of subscription left”, which ended my three month experiment of using WoW tokens bought with ingame gold. I still have around 750k-1m, but spread over 3 factions on 2 servers, so I actually resubscribed with money again because I don’t want to go out of my way to grind or feel even a little pressure to save up money from callings or other weeklies. I wanted to go three months first, but then I chose six, I’m having fun right now, raidlogging through the summer is a feasible way of playing (as I found last fall/winter in out in 9.1) and it’s a buck less per month, also a free mount that I forgot to look at yesterday 😛

The more devious deal is that they have 8 character transfers for 80 EUR on sale right now – one is typically 25 EUR, which is complete bonkers, but it’s often marked down to 17.50 EUR and there’s a 3 for 35 deal I haven’t seen. So the thing is, since I transferred my Warrior main and Shaman alt last summer I’ve not really logged back in to the old server, I only ran three toons through Zereth Mortis last week. And while I did talk to my old guildies again for the first time I don’t really feel I belong there anymore, so I could take this chance to move the bulk of my chars to the new server without breaking the bank or rerolling even more.

I have 5 60s in decent gear here on the new server and so there would be 7 missing classes, which is kind of a good match as well, I only regret leveling and gearing a new Paladin, but I like my new Hunter more than my old one 😛 I could also finally move my original classic Rogue off of the server with all my Horde toons, but I already have a Rogue on the new server. So in any case a few toons would stay behind, but that’s not a problem. 50 Void Elf Rogue (for Heritage), 60 Dwarf Hunter I don’t have a huge connection to, said 60 Dwarf Paladin which could still get the last free ticket… It’s a hard choice! DH, Druid, DK, Mage, Priest, Monk would be a given. Not 100% sure about the Mechagnome Warlock (I regret that race choice a bit) and the Paladin, but she used to be my main in BfA. Then again it wouldn’t be completely unreasonable to have 2 Paladins and 2 Rogues, right?

Also some guildies wanted to run M+ with us on their Horde toons and despite some “who can invite whom because of BattleTag” that also worked flawlessly (not only getting randoms from LFG) and it’s really nice, my old guild also started a “WoW community” so people could join on their Horde toons for cross-faction communication outside Discord, also a nice feature – now if only they’d done that many years ago!

With the 13 Plaguefall we did last night I edged ever closer to the magical 2500 rating, with a bit of luck we can do a 12 De Other Side tonight, then I just need Streets and hopefully that’s enough, otherwise there’s next week where I have a choice of like 5 dungeons that could bring a few points if we time it – I love this new system where it’s not “you need everything at +15” but “oh, you have timed a few at higher than +15, so you can slack off with the others”, but I never really looked at the old system, it just sounded less lenient.

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