WoW Addons in 2022

For no particular reason besides the whole CurseForge/Overwolf Launcher thing (and Wowup stopping to work) I recently dug deeper into my list of installed addons, something I’ve not done since Shadowlands launched.

So here’s a list I guess, and while writing down and sorting it I’m hoping to get rid of a few. Maybe it works.

  • Prio 1: UI and stuff I simply can’t play without
    • Bartender4 (Bars)
    • PitBull4 (Unit Frames)
    • Bagnon (one bag that works just like I want it to work)
    • BagBrother (where are all the items on alts?)
    • BugSack (no error popups)
    • MoveAnything (move stuff around, esp. the talking heads)
    • Prat (chat)
    • Scrap (sell all grey items)
    • SexyMap (cleaner minimap)
    • SimulationCraft
    • StatBlock_ZoneText (where am I?)
  • Prio 2: Raiding and still very important
    • BigWigs (raid warnings)
    • Details (damage meter)
    • Examiner (inspect people!)
    • ExRT/MRT/MythicDungeonTools
    • Grid2
    • HandyNotes + HandyNotes_Shadowlands
    • Mapster (better map)
    • Masque/Masque_Caith (this is just how my WoW has to look)
    • OmniCC (better cooldown display)
    • Quartz (could be replaced by some WeakAuras)
    • WeakAuras
  • Prio 3: I’d hate to lose this
    • Altoholic
    • Bazooka (a bar at the top to collect icons and show info)
    • Broker_PlayedTime
    • Broker_XPBar (Fan update) (I like it while leveling)
    • LittleWigs
    • nivBuffs (Masque skin + better time display for buffs/debuffs)
    • Quester (coloring completion of quests)
    • TomTom (sometimes stuff is hard to find and Wowhead has coords)
    • VenturePlan (not a fan of the command table)
    • WorldQuestTab (just a quicker overview over World Quests)
    • BetterWardrobe (a bit undecided on these 3, but I hate to lose out on missing transmogs)
    • CaerdonWardrobe
    • CanIMogIt
  • Prio 4: Nice to have
    • AstralKeys
    • ChampionCommander
    • GoGoMount
    • MasterPlan
    • MazeHelper
    • NomiCakes
    • StatBlock_Coords (they’re on the minimap after all)
  • Prio 5: Not strictly necessary, I might just get rid of them now
    • Ara_Broker_XP
    • SavedInstances
    • StatBlock_XP
    • WorldQuestList

Yes, that’s a big list. After playing this game for over 15 years I have opinions on how stuff should look and where it should be on the UI though. Also some choices of the default UI just drive me nuts. And some systems are just not fun without some addons (command table and its predecessors in other expansions).

Then again I wouldn’t classify too many of them as really complete modding, or immersion-breaking. IF this was FFXIV I could get rid of the most important ones, Bartender, Bagnon, MoveAnything, and PitBull. And Altoholic because not every item is strewn across 20 alts.

Also this is not a recommendation, it’s just how I run. Interestingly I am not 100% sure if the above list is correct, because a lot of addons put multiple folders into the Interface\Addons directory, so I might as well have missed a few, especially the DataStore ones. After cleaning out it should be around 42, such a nice number.

Obligatory screenshot how it looks

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