New goals in WoW

Guess it doesn’t take long until I find myself some new goals in the form of boxes to tick.

Not sure how much sense it makes, but I’ve been pushing a lot more characters through the Zereth Mortis story now, and also leveling up the Cypher for gear, doing the World Boss every week and so on.

Just got my legendary belt on the Mage, which makes her the 11th toon to finish the story line, only Monk and Priest missing. Incidentally she also hit Renown 80, also the 11th. Which means there would technically be 7 classes where I’ve not brought the Cypher to Level 6 of 6, so there would be 252 gear drops from WQs and dailies. That is a thing I am not sure how long I can stomach, but the first 2 alts (besides my main) don’t need anything from ZM anymore (just Trinkets below 252/or part of 246 Tier set pieces) and two more only need one item each, so on those I’m only filling the weekly bar, doing the puzzle daily WQs (or other very quick ones) and going for a 252 weapon. “Only”, still a ton of stuff to do but right now it’s soothing and maybe my brain needs the rest and the mindless grinding away.

I’ve also done a few more M+ on my Shammy, healing and going Elemental. After the lucky 275 Main Hand and completing the 4 set Tier bonus it’s now only down to practicing… and on my main I’m now 90ish points away from the mount, slowly edging myself closer with 10 points here and there until I can get one of the two missing keys in a Fortified week…

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