Raiding Sepulcher – week 22

As I wrote before, this turned out to be a very close call. August 2nd (a Tuesday) is probably the last day for EU people to get AOTC, and we’re not sure if we’ll get a raid together this Sunday or on that Tuesday, but… we did it!

Last night at 21:40, so 20 minutes before the scheduled raid end, we had a really good try with less deaths at the start and actually killed him just after the 9 minute mark. AOTC number two done, I’m so relieved. We’ll try to grab another ID and do a rekill on Sunday for one of our tanks, who missed this night, probably one of 2-3 nights this whole tier :/

Not completely happy with my damage (46 Green parse, 35 adjusted for iLevel, 97% active), but didn’t die and 7th place out of 11 in a single target fight.

Wipe counter for Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic:

  • Jailer 61
  • Rygelon 57
  • Lords of Dread 25
  • Halondrus 36
  • Anduin 24
  • Pantheon 13
  • Lihuvim 15
  • Xy’mox 18
  • Dausegne 3
  • Skolex 7
  • Vigilant Guardian 0
AOTC: Sepulcher
The mount for AOTC: Sepulcher

2 thoughts on “Raiding Sepulcher – week 22”

  1. Superb timing! Congrats – well earned for sure. Our raid group is at 109 attempts on Anduin *Normal*, so doing any of these last bosses on Heroic (let alone Mythic) deserves much applause – and a nice mount 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yeah Anduin is no joke, we needed tons of tries on normal. This whole tier was a bit weird. First Halondrus, then Anduin… as the middle bosses…

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