EVE and another war

A month (and a few days) have passed since I came back to EVE after a break that lasted around 9 months if you count undocking and still 5ish months if you count an active subscription.

And.. wow… I guess not a week had gone by until we learned that Fraternity (one of the three biggest alliances) had somehow declared war, or to be more exact they wanted to expand their borders and gobble up the region we and some other folks are living in, and our leadership declared that we don’t want to be surrounded and also we’d be sticking with our bluetral neighbors because that’s why we went independent, and not cozy up to a big bloc. And so they decided to come to Pure Blind first and not Deklein or Fade, which were supposed to be their original targets.

The funny thing is that Fraternity is very huge in China and their numbers in EUTZ and USTZ are kinda bad, so they hired a bunch of mercenaries to fight for them. No, we don’t really understand it either and we’re actively playing this game. Anyway, BRAVE has 8600 pilots, V0lta+Bl0b have around 3000, and the Greater Trash Coalition.. I simply don’t know, maybe another 2500 – and Fraternity has over 24000. Oh, and then now also the remaining people in TEST decided to join FRT and deploy/move here. At least PanFam (Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, Northern Coalition) doesn’t seem to be very close to WinterCo (FRT etc.) anymore…

There was a big fight on July 9th where we fought back and since then it doesn’t really feel like we’re being invaded, which is good. Let’s hope we can hold out longer.

Anyway, that wasn’t actually what I wanted to write, that thing is that I noticed that for the amount I’ve been playing I look very inactive on zkill – so I decided to fix that and my first milestone is 1k kills on my main and I managed to get just over 100 on my main and around 30 on my alt – which at least brings me to nearly 550 combined. I don’t think I can keep up with the amount of fleets in August, but I’m trying my best. One problem is that we did quite a few special ops that lasted for 1-2h but gave no kill, so while I know the kills are just an easily gamed metric, it’s some sort of metric. (Killed 130, lost 15, not terrible).

This is Blaugust 2022 – post #5.

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