WoW and Season 4 goals

Thanks to my awesome M+ group I got my Season 4 mount on Friday

! Managed to do 2 19s and then one of the instances I was completely missing (Upper Kara Fortified) which brought me over the hump of 2000 rating. Then I noticed I’d forgotten to buy one of my BiS trinkets with the raiding Dinar and a macro was broken. Oh well, I’m really good at this game, you know. That’s 4 +15s for the Vault this week as well, nice.

Wastewarped Deathwalker mount

I also healed a few +10s in PUGs to get my Shammy to 1400 rating to upgrade some gear, I guess I’ll even try for 1700, I’m still missing enough Fortified/Tyrannical runs that this should provide a good base with +10s and then I can grab 1-2 +15s with the team.

On the downside I’ve not really felt like tanking, so both my DK and my DH didn’t do a lot, maybe I’ll try to get a +2 in on the weekend, but unlike with the Shammy it feels a little pointless this late in the season. There’s only a few weeks left, so I’d have to hardcore play tons of dungeons and I don’t want to really learn it. Maybe in Dragonflight…

So overall everything looks pretty good with regarding to goals in Season 4 and Shadowlands overall – I’m working on a few achievements as well, mostly the Stitchyard and some zone metas. I won’t make the big overall Shadowlands meta achievement because I didn’t care for the Kyrian (Path of Ascension) and Venthyr (Ember Court) thing.

The only thing I’m a little worried is the Fated mount, as we’re still missing the last 3 bosses in Sepulcher, but the guild -again- only did the first 8 when I missed my first raid, so I hope we’re extending this week because no one should have this mount unless the pugged later in that week.

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