A weird event

Raider.io currently has an event called “Break the Meta” where you’re encouraged to run M+ with… well, specs that are currently not meta. Bit weird because in the regions where I run we just take the player and not class.
Anyway, they apparently partnered with Blizzard and if you run just 2 +15 in time you’re supposed to get an ingame toy as a reward. Didn’t have to ask for long and we had 5 people – DH tank, Monk healer, DH DPS, Ele Shaman DPS, DK. Successfully finished our two +15s (was a bit close due to two people being a bit inexperienced in their role/class, me one of them) and now we’re waiting for our reward.

Just one hour and for where we stand it could’ve easily taken 2h instead of one, but a nice diversion when we said we wouldn’t really do anymore M+ just this week.

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