Hello again, Eorzea

With WoW being in a real lull (we officially stopped raiding and we kinda stopped M+) I took the liberty to get at least a month of FFXIV in and catch up a bit.

Resubscribed a week ago and the first thing I did is empty my 2 free retainers of all the glamour gear. The next day I paid for retainer number 3 and 4, so I could empty at least number 4 and cancel that one for the future. My glamour dresser is now at around 680/800 – not bad, as I’ve collected quite a bit of Endwalker gear already, so this should at least be ok until the next expansion.

I managed to do all of the 6.2 MSQ very quickly (it was really good), including the trial. I noticed I had done 6.1 already just before unsubscribing at the start of the year, just the one 6.1 trial is missing.

As usual it took a bit to get acquainted again with all the currencies and what to do, but I already traded in my old tomestones, bought some 610 crafted gear on the market board (Bard is 594 now, just as WAR was with raiding Savage in 6.0) and started trying to cap the 450 Tomestones of Causality for the week, and it has worked out for both resets. Not sure what to buy yet. For now I’ve reverted back to my old main job, Bard, because I didn’t want to tank the new stuff last night, but already healed some Alliance Raid stuff, we’ll see.

WHM and RPR are at 571 iLvl, so there are some easy targets for gear and spending my old 6.0 tokens.

Main priority after grabbing some tomestones was SMN/SCH – which I had left at Level 87 – and then there’s a ton of content I need to check if I’m interested in doing.

Was a bit surprised to find this draft from day 2, so I had to rewrite parts of it. SMN/SCH was 90 pretty quickly and the last week I’ve been doing a duty roulette or two most days and got Red Mage to 67 already. My main focus is the Hildibrand quest line now, and I have finished the ARR part.

Overall it’s fine but I’m not having awesome fun. I didn’t touch the new Deliveries, I have not checked Tataru’s quests and I only briefly visited the Island Sanctuary. It’s an ok use of my time but I’m not desperate for a second month at the moment. I’ll see that I progress the things I care about but not overdo it. I guess it’s my typical way of needing goals, I can’t just subscribe to an MMO and look at the sandbox and find spontaneous fun.

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