No WoW news

WoW is completely on the backburner at the moment, I’m only logging in a handful of chars once or twice per day and spend 2 minutes for the table, trying to make some easy money with the covenant missions.

I still have these 4 chars I have started to push through Shadowlands (57, 56, 56, 54), but I had actually forgotten about them momentarily and only thought about them again yesterday. Maybe I’m in the mood to work on them again in a week or so when their rested XP has filled up.

But overall, I’m done with the expansion – there were a few achievements I wanted to do and maybe I will, but right now I’m not even sure. Basically a wasted last month of my 6 month subscription, but at the time we didn’t really have a release date or knew how S4 would pan out, bummer.

WotLK has also not managed to interest me, at all. I tried to login once and there was a queue, and that was that. Oh well, I got EVE at the moment, so I’m not bored. I’m half-heartedly following news and updates as people prepare their Dragonflight TODO lists and tips, meanwhile I’m not even sure which character and spec I want to play. I guess waiting until the last moment has worked out fine several times for me and just because right now I can’t even imagine leveling up and raiding… it’s 6 more weeks and I don’t want to write off the expansion launch yet.

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