Small steps in Dragonflight

So, Dragonflight is… ok, I guess? Something feels a little odd, but I can’t put my finger on it. I leveled 3 chars to 70, one is ready to raid (we’ll probably only start on Jan 8th though), and the second one should be there shortly. I ran a few M+ (it was fine, and fun), but I’m not really excited. It’s fun but I’m not blown away, but maybe I’m just not in a real WoW hype mode right now. I want to raid but for some reason we put it off until after the holidays. Also still unsure if I’m going Fury or Enhancement, that’s why I want to get the Shaman to around iLvl 370 in the next 10 days.

As I have one each of Plate, Mail, and Cloth – I’m now pondering to use my last prepaid character transfer on my Human Rogue (the only Alliance char on my original Vanilla server, whereas my other Alliance toons were on it’s connected sister realm, from where I transferred most of them off now anyway…) to my current server. I do have a Gnome Rogue there (who is also kind of old) but I like this Human Rogue. Maybe I should just do it and then level her, it’s not like I’m planning to really play on the other server a lot anyway.

While I am totally still trying to avoid to redo the slight burnout I had from Shadowlands launch, I have spent some time on my Warlock, but not excessively trying to gear her (no more gear treadmills for me this time, thank you very much) – but I guess if you want to play at max level, you kinda have to do a little with WQs and farming rares and so on. Leveling is relatively quick and fun though, so maybe getting that fourth armor proficiency class up is actually good enough. I don’t crave leveling more toons right now, but I just can’t not have a Rogue.

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    1. Oops, missed this one. No, of course I’m simply not writing in a coherent manner and was talking about Shaman+Enhancement, Warrior+Fury (and probably thinking about Rogue+Assassination as well) at the same time. 🙂

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