Addons in Dragonflight

Back in June last year I thought about my (maybe excessive) list of addons – no, I didn’t count, but because of the complete Default UI revamp in Dragonflight I actually started fresh. Made a backup of my WTF folder and my Addons, then deleted everything. Of course it was clear from the start that I don’t want to play with zero addons, but the list should be a lot smaller now, so let’s have a look.

  • Prio 1: UI and the absolute basics
    • BugSack
    • Bagnon + BagBrother
    • Prat
    • SexyMap
    • WeakAuras
  • Prio 2: Raiding and still very important
    • BigWigs (not yet installed, but will grab it for raids)
    • Details (Damage Meter)
    • HandyNotes
    • Masque
    • Quartz (replaced by WeakAuras on some toons/specs)
    • Scrap
  • Prio 3: I’d hate to lose this
    • Altoholic
    • Bazooka
    • TomTom
    • WorldQuestTracker (the default UI for WQs is just bad for a quick look, so many clicks)
  • Prio 4: Not strictly necessary
    • Astral Keys

So that list is quite a bit shorter already. The big addons I eliminated (for now) are PitBull Unit Frames, Bartender 4, MoveAnything, Mapster and several “Mission Table” addons. I use a WeakAura instead of 2-3 XP display addons, I got rid of some StatBlocks

Stuff I probably need to add again are BigWigs (as mentioned above), SimulationCraft, and MythicDungeonTools/MythicRaidTools or whatever they are called

The small things I am missing at the moment are Examiner and SavedInstances. I’ve managed to level just fine with the default UI, but a few things are impossible to move, which isn’t so bad, but on the other also aggravating because we were nearly there. I did not need MoveAnything or PitBull or Bartender, but maybe I need one or several of them now after all because it’s only “nearly there” and not completely fine. Then again maybe my take is from a (even if only a little) competitive point of view, with Heroic raiding and M+ on the horizon, it was perfectly fine for leveling and Mythic 0.

So far I’ve also not grabbed an excessive amount of WeakAuras, but some things are simply so small and nice, or provide everything for a spec/class in a nice package. Guess I’ll ramp up a few there as well.

Overall: Nicely done Blizzard, this should cut down the amount of “basically mandatory” addons for basic tasks like moving Action Bars or Unit frames a lot for the baseline player doing Quests and Instances.

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