Vault of the Incarnates – Week 1

We’re finally back to raiding!

Sunday saw us downing Eranog, Terros, The Primal Council, and Dathea, then Tuesday it was Sennarth, Kurog, and Eranog Heroic and finishing 10 minutes early. So we’re 6/8 and 1/8 now after a very late week 1. and more like 3:45h and not 4.

Sunday had a record-breaking attendance of 27 people or so, Tuesday had only 23, but still. Overall the raid seems fun but my numbers as Enhancement feel SO bad. I have parses for 6 bosses and only two green (iLvl %) parses, the rest are grey. One week in and I’m not sure if I shouldn’t just switch back to Warrior…

Ah well, but maybe start at the beginning – we had set an iLvl of 370 as being allowed to raid, and because the raid drops 385 to 402 gear I was not overly enthusiastic to go above and beyond to grind out gear in the 370 to 385 bracket that could be replaced in the raid easily, it’s normal after all, so I was planning on us progressing at an ok-ish pace. So in my post 2 weeks ago I had the Warrior ready, so probably around 375 and the Shaman at 365, so if I wouldn’t make it I had the Warrior to fall back on. At the day of the raid I had the Warrior at 386, the Shaman at 377, the Warlock at 370, and the Rogue at 369, so just shy of being able to tag along. Did I again waste some time gearing alts? Yes. Do I regret it? No, not at all – I was in “waiting for raid” mode for 2 weeks, I had some days off, I got the chance to play 2 other classes, and most importantly, I was not in the mood of actually grinding my way to 390ish. It was fun on the Warrior but I’m still re-learning Enhancement after about 8 years away from the spec.

Let’s see how next week will work out, we have two more bosses to do after all.

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