Not only addons, but a whole UI

Oh boy, so much for my good intentions to go lighter on addons and WeakAuras – with starting to raid and playing a few more classes a lot of small things have crept in and some things have proven to be just too damn convenient, but I’m in the progress of consolidating more things and make it uniform across characters, so I guess the fresh start wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Default view of the 2023 UI (click to enlarge)
Mounted view of the 2023 UI (click to enlarge)

And now for the annotated view:

Annoted version of the 2023 UI
  1. Bazooka hold all minimap icons, most important ones on the right side
  2. Default buff display, not 100% happy as it overflows in raids
  3. SexyMap in the most basic configuration possible, incl. coords and time though
  4. two 3×4 action bars for mounts, professions, and clicked spells, e.g. Warlock summons
  5. Combat Log. Yes it could be behind the chats, but I like the symmetry and actually use it
  6. Details damage meter, usually hidden when not in an instance, unless I forgot, Shift-#
  7. After using some of Luxthos’ Class WeakAuras in Shadowlands, now it’s Afenar‘s set
  8. While healing M+ the default party frames annoyed me so much, back to PitBull (since Friday)
  9. Bartender is gone, these are the default bars, 3 rows with 12 buttons each
  10. Prat for the Chat window
  11. Tama’s Dragonflight helper, it looks like a lot but it’s only displayed when dragonriding, it’s a weekly todo list and some timers for the Community Feast, Keep, and Primal Storms

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