Vault of the Incarnates – week 6

Sunday was a quick foray into Normal – Eranog, Council, then skipping, Diurna, and Raszageth all before the break after 1h, then Eranog, Terros, and Council on Heroic and even a first kill of the spider, so that’s 4/8 and we have a full raid to work on either Dathea or Kurog. Unfortunately Tuesday only ended up with a ~14% try on Dathea.

In terms of M+, that was a very busy week with the 4-Mythic weekly, which I managed to complete on 5 characters, not only the two mains, but 3 more – Rogue, Hunter, and DK. All of them will also get a reward from the Great Vault tomorrow, the DK will even be able to choose between two because I somehow ended up with 3 +2 and one M0 and so I went to a +3 to round it out. Don’t even remember what the Rogue will get, but the Hunter only got one +2 and 3 M0s. But the Shaman has a +13 chest and a +12 one (4 done in total) and the Warrior will even have one +15, one +12, and one +11, with a total of 9 M+ this week – this is really an outlier, but I’m sooo close to 1700 rating, I “just” need to run a few Tyrannical +11s next week and that should do it, need the crafting mats anyway. Yeah, definitely a busy week that I don’t plan to repeat so soon. Funny story though, the ~370 iLvl DK got a 398 2h weapon either last week or the week before that and now I got a 411 one from the weekly. If only the Warrior had gotten that one, sigh.

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