Vault of the Incarnates – week 7

Sunday started a little chaotic because our guild leader wasn’t available and the officers failed at inviting from the calendar. Our raid lead declared Heroic and so we went in without going Normal first – Eranog, Terros, and the spider proved to be no problem but we were a little slow I think, then we wiped on Council for about three times before finishing. As one of our two tanks hadn’t seen the Dathea fight and some overall meh feeling that day we didn’t really progress there, hoping for a return to normal form on Tuesday… which totally didn’t happen, we wiped on Dathea for 2h with hardly any progress. Those adds on the platforms are kicking our butts, no matter which half of the raid we send first… Anyway, let’s see what next week brings, maybe Kurog or just improving 😛

I also really, really, really hate Need or Greed over Personal Loot – I think I’ve won a single roll for a coveted item so far and it feels like some people got the good stuff on Normal and have now replace it with the same thing on Heroic and some of us never got the Normal version. Or maybe I’m simply too quick to pass up stuff because it’s a better upgrade for someone else. M+ is semi fun on Shaman but not as much as on the Warrior, so I’ll probably leave it at 4 runs for 2 chests.

On the other hand in M+ I’ve been rather busy, having timed half of the dungeons on +13 on Tyrannical already (which means the second chest will be a +13 one as well) and hoping to get one or two more in before reset – not sure I’ll manage to break 1900 rating, but I’m over 1850 already. Also I’d really love to get a first 16 in, even if not timed. My old SL S4 semi-consistent team was lacking their fifth on Monday and so we did some stuff, including timing a +16 Halls and that brought me just past 1900 rating, yay. Only 100 to go for the mount, and thus the season goal – then maybe only doing 2000 on the Shammy as well (will be breaking 1700 tomorrow with a single timed +8 or so).

After that Sunday raid I wanted to try out how Beast Mastery feels in M+ and so I started queuing, with a weird 4dps+1tank +2 HoV at first and then going for mostly +5s, anything where they’d invite my 385 Hunter without rating. Was surprisingly fun and I think I made it to 7 completions… at 2am. That brought me to 700 rating and like 1500 Valor but hardly any items to upgrade. The bow from Nokhud Offensive dropped, but at 379 – I already have the 385 Primal Storms bow/gun/whatever and I’m probably not gonna waste my Valor upgrading anything but Tier pieces… if I manage to get something to drop. Also again I’m really fascinated that you’re usually not invited to the key levels where actual upgrades drop. I’m 385 average iLvl but they won’t invite me to +7 or +8 where the end of dungeon drop would be 385 or 389… But in the end I managed to get 1 +8, 3 +7s and then 7 or 8 +5s done, so 3 chests. And finally did a +6 on the DK. That’s 35 M+ runs in one week. No, I don’t plan to go up that far next week.

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