Diablo IV – Server Slam

I’ve not preordered Diablo IV and was originally unenthusiastic, but last weekend was the Server Slam, some kind of beta server test event, and while I didn’t take part, I did have a look over someone’s shoulder for a bit.

My original assessment of D4 was “this does not look like enough of a graphical update over D3, 11 years later” – but when you play it it actually does look nice. A bit too dark at times, but ok.

I’m a little more interested now, the “MMO features” I’d read about didn’t seem so very prominent in a Level 1 to 20 journey anymore, the story seems ok (queue “at least there is a story now”) and it seemed pretty solid. Leveling was about as slow as in D3 with your first char in a season, maybe a little slower, but the combat feels ok I guess.

We’ll see if I’ll bite in June.

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