Diablo IV

Diablo IV’s Lunar Awakening Event

First event in Diablo IV, at least for me, iirc. It has 10 tiers of rewards and you complete them by doing shrines in the open world that are marked purple. Didn’t take too long, was easy to spread out over several days, was fun. Nothing much to add, not a grind like WoW’s events and also not a nobrainer 30min affair like FFXIV’s.

I’m 53 on my Sorceress and now that the event is done, I unrelatedly finally got all Altars of Lilith and 100% map completion, and so we’ll go World Tier 3 next, I think.

In other news, still having fun with the game (when taken in moderation), but I’m skipping this season.

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Diablo IV on hold, EVE Online back on the menu

Unfortunately lack of time and a few other things didn’t really allow me to continue playing Diablo IV in Season 1, but I did manage to unlock quite a good chunk of the Altars of Lilith on m Eternal char, in preparation of Season 2. Well, let’s just say I’ve not yet managed to create a new char, about a week after it has launched. Then we had some hardware troubles in the house and have to see if we can even play together in the next few weeks.

But at least I did manage to play a good amount of EVE in the second half of October, so not all hope is lost.

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Diablo IV – Season 1

Oh wow, another Diablo 4 post? On the same day?

Yeah, after exiting the game in a meh mood last night (just created my Seasonal Rogue, never logged in) today was a fresh day and the difference was night and day. I skipped the campaign I’d just done (not because I didn’t like it, but because it felt moot to redo it just after finishing it) and just did some dungeons, events, quests, and worked on the Seasonal stuff. Managed to do Chapter I quite quickly, then continued to Chapter II, which I finished a bit earlier in the evening.

So I’m Level 26 now and it’s really fun – I just didn’t like the Barbarian that felt so weak. Glad I stuck with it but I kinda hate the fact that they gated the Season behind this artificial wall and I had to suffer through this (or restart). Bonus: At Level 10 she already looked cooler, or maybe I just prefer the Leather/Rogue style.

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Completed: Diablo IV

Yeah, the post title might be up for debate but if you look at Diablo IV as a game where you play through the story, then it’s correct.

I originally wasn’t really interested but then I got talked into getting it and we leveled a duo of Barbarians and it took like 3 months until schedules had lined up enough to finish this and last night the credits rolled. From what I’ve seen and heard the Barbarian as a leveling class felt very slow and very squishy compared to two different Rogue builds, and at times it was a real slog. But now it’s done and I mostly enjoyed it. Compared to the older Diablo titles you can call it a story – it wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t worse than that of most other games.

I find it a bit silly that you can’t create a Seasonal char without finishing the story, as it’s quite long (Level 45).

So now I have a Seasonal Rogue but I instantly logged out after creating her after that multi-hour session we had to first grind the last 2 levels and then do the last (very long) story part.

Did I like the game? Mostly. Barbarian didn’t feel great and I didn’t want to start a 2nd non-seasonal char and it was also not bad enough to restart.

Will I continue playing? Yeah, can’t wait to try a second class now.

Was it worth the money at launch? Eh, if you play with someone, probably yes. Overall? No, would’ve waited for a sale.

Am I being unfair by not really being in a mood for Diablo? I dunno.

So let’s see, maybe some more posts in the future.

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June in review

Oh wow, a second one of these posts. For several reasons June was probably my month with the least amount of gaming time in a long while and July doesn’t look much better with some plans.

I did end up buying Diablo 4 and starting the campaign, and it’s fun, but I’m not particularly far – taking it slow but I kinda wanna see more.

June 4th was my (and our) first raid day, cleared 8/9 Normal that week (Sun+Tue as usual) and then my next raid was the the 25th + 27th when we ended up at 5/9 Heroic. Tbh not completely sure what the guild did in the 2 weeks that I missed, I think they were on 9/9 Normal 1/9 Heroic.
Still at zero M+ and didn’t log in a lot, but at least I managed to get my gear in shape, in relation to my online time – 423 iLvl, where 424 is the max iLvl in Normal. But I guess if I can not totally fall behind with just raid logging I’m happy enough, and I got my 4 set bonus via Catalyst and a bit of rolling luck. Oh, and I’m back to playing Fury. Guess it goes hand in hand with this low-stress season where I couldn’t really be motivated to learn a new class and/or even gear it beforehand in our break between the seasons.

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Diablo IV – Server Slam

I’ve not preordered Diablo IV and was originally unenthusiastic, but last weekend was the Server Slam, some kind of beta server test event, and while I didn’t take part, I did have a look over someone’s shoulder for a bit.

My original assessment of D4 was “this does not look like enough of a graphical update over D3, 11 years later” – but when you play it it actually does look nice. A bit too dark at times, but ok.

I’m a little more interested now, the “MMO features” I’d read about didn’t seem so very prominent in a Level 1 to 20 journey anymore, the story seems ok (queue “at least there is a story now”) and it seemed pretty solid. Leveling was about as slow as in D3 with your first char in a season, maybe a little slower, but the combat feels ok I guess.

We’ll see if I’ll bite in June.

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