Season 28 after 48h

So that stationary Hydra build with a Wizard is kind of the worst combo with a completely speed-fanatic Demon Hunter build, also my Ring of Royal Grandeur won’t drop.

Anyway, after 48h I’m very close to Paragon 200, can do Torment IX bounties solo without a problem and have not gone for Rifts a lot. But we got some secondary chars to 70 and maybe I can manage to grab a set on my Demon Hunter and that suits me more. I’ve often lost interest in Diablo III pretty soon and I’m not saying it’s already happened but I’m not so happy with the Wizard but I’ve also not put too many hours in, maybe 5 or 6.

Something that surprised me is that you can’t do the Set Dungeon with the set you get for free from Haedric’s Gift, so in order to finish the Slayer part of the Season Journey (after Chapter IV) you need to farm a complete 2nd set anyway, so this time no real use sticking to the char I rolled first. It’s weird.

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