Some FFXIV levels were gained

The free login campaign is pretty good, I’ve been playing most days since I started. Got about 7 levels on Black Mage and not really having a ton of fun, but I want to progress…

Made about three levels on Dragoon, it’s more fun but not the focus, mostly Tribal Quests, and finally some levels on Sage, which is not my favourite healer, but the last one below 90, and it’s okay. closing in on Level 80.

Also spent my tomestones on the Warrior Relic Weapon (Tier 1) instead of upgrading the Bard’s Bow, but grabbed a couple cheap iLvl 640 weapons from the market board.

Not sure if I am missing something but leveling seems hard. I don’t like the deep dungeons so it’s just duty roulette and a few FATEs. Not so quick and not so fun, but it’s working out at a steady pace.

Again, not really sure if I want to continue after the free login campaign is up – although it’s been really fun. But if I’m trying to think about what I like about this game… it’s apparently not “bringing the last few jobs up to max level” and it’s also not “gearing up via Alliance Raids”. I think I’ll make time to resub a week or two before the next expansion launches, get to max level in my own pace, hopefully play with my FC, and do the normal raid, then level 2-3 more jobs I actually like. (I suppose this is BRD > WAR > WHM/AST > DNC > PLD/DRK > GNB).

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