Aberrus – week 11 & 12

Week 11 was a quick clear of the first 7 bosses and then 3 wipes on Neltharion (as usual), then a clean oneshot on Tuesday and on to Sarkareth. Three bad pulls, six semi-ok pulsl in P3, then 3 pulls below 20%, including our new best 11%.

Week 12 – Sunday. We decided to go the skip route, so boss 1 & 8, then the last boss. Boss 8, Neltharion, gave us some headache today again. Three wipes that were worse than usual, but then it worked. On to the last boss. One 33% wipe without Vantus runes, then off to our break. Came back from the break, someone had bought Vantus runes… and the boss just fell, on the 50th pull or so. One person died, nothing spectacular. Kinda underwhelming because it wasn’t close at all. Now we just need one reclear for our 2nd main tank, who is on vacation… and he already missed one of the last tiers’ end boss, just the worst timing.

Anyway, AOTC in Dragonflight Season 2.

So the real question for me and WoW (until the next raid tier) is now if I want to start doing M+ in earnest or leave it be.

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