Completed: Diablo IV

Yeah, the post title might be up for debate but if you look at Diablo IV as a game where you play through the story, then it’s correct.

I originally wasn’t really interested but then I got talked into getting it and we leveled a duo of Barbarians and it took like 3 months until schedules had lined up enough to finish this and last night the credits rolled. From what I’ve seen and heard the Barbarian as a leveling class felt very slow and very squishy compared to two different Rogue builds, and at times it was a real slog. But now it’s done and I mostly enjoyed it. Compared to the older Diablo titles you can call it a story – it wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t worse than that of most other games.

I find it a bit silly that you can’t create a Seasonal char without finishing the story, as it’s quite long (Level 45).

So now I have a Seasonal Rogue but I instantly logged out after creating her after that multi-hour session we had to first grind the last 2 levels and then do the last (very long) story part.

Did I like the game? Mostly. Barbarian didn’t feel great and I didn’t want to start a 2nd non-seasonal char and it was also not bad enough to restart.

Will I continue playing? Yeah, can’t wait to try a second class now.

Was it worth the money at launch? Eh, if you play with someone, probably yes. Overall? No, would’ve waited for a sale.

Am I being unfair by not really being in a mood for Diablo? I dunno.

So let’s see, maybe some more posts in the future.

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