Diablo IV – Season 1

Oh wow, another Diablo 4 post? On the same day?

Yeah, after exiting the game in a meh mood last night (just created my Seasonal Rogue, never logged in) today was a fresh day and the difference was night and day. I skipped the campaign I’d just done (not because I didn’t like it, but because it felt moot to redo it just after finishing it) and just did some dungeons, events, quests, and worked on the Seasonal stuff. Managed to do Chapter I quite quickly, then continued to Chapter II, which I finished a bit earlier in the evening.

So I’m Level 26 now and it’s really fun – I just didn’t like the Barbarian that felt so weak. Glad I stuck with it but I kinda hate the fact that they gated the Season behind this artificial wall and I had to suffer through this (or restart). Bonus: At Level 10 she already looked cooler, or maybe I just prefer the Leather/Rogue style.

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