Raiding Amirdrassil – week 4

Cleared normal in one hour, while missing 2 healers, so stopped for that day. Got dragged into two M+ because they were lacking a 5th, timed a +15 I’d never been in (Galakrond’s Fall) and then a +16 I’d not seen in forever and only once on M+ (Atal’Dazar) and I was in a raid spec and we timed both.

Tuesday was heroic, still one healer down but we got the first two with only one wipe on Igira, then a first kill of Volcoross on the fifth try that day. And then a 1% wipe on the council, fourth try. So close.
From Sunday on we’ll not do Normal anymore unless we need some filler bosses to concentrate on Heroic.

Finished up the 4 Mythic weekly with 2 10 minute RLP M0 runs and got gauntlets again… Oh well.

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