Raiding Amirdrassil week whatever

Long time no post, a mix of not in the mood and not even thinking about it. The good news is that we’re 6/9 and have killed Nymue twice already. The healer I mentioned wanting to quit has unquit, added some WeakAuras and feels like he can play, that’s very good. Also got a few ok tries in at Glimmeron, but that’s a tough cookie.

I’ve finally caught up a little with gear, now I’m 469 which is only a full tier behind our top M+ performers at 482, but on Sunday I managed to grab the #3 spot on dps a couple times, so I’ll take it. (Yes, two key DPS were missing, shut up – we still killed 6 bosses in 2h).

At the start of the year I was sick and actually forgot to log in to raid, I hadn’t been sure when we’d been starting again after the holiday break and apparently there was a raid on the 2nd but I was already not feeling well that evening and then got stuck in bed the next days. So I guess that was week 6 and this is week 9, even if we canceled another raid on a Tuesday, probably last week.

Still haven’t done any more M+ but maybe I should really pester some guildies to take me on another 16 so I can upgrade my weapon but I’m really not feeling it at the moment. But I have 12 of 15 of whatever level of whatever the currency is called, so would be a waste to not use it on my main hand.

And even if this whole thing may sound like I’m not especially having fun… I am having fun, for exactly 4 hours a week, maybe adding an hour for the weekly + world boss if I have a moment, but not more, and not M+.

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