Raiding Amirdrassil – week 10

Had quite a few people signed off for Sunday, some coming late but in the end we did manage to start with 12 people and end with 14. Easy kills of the first 6 bosses despite some of our top DPS missing, but we called it 15min earlier instead of doing Glimmeron again.

Then I got dragged into a +20 Darkheart Thicket and we only missed timing it by 19 seconds, which is wild because I’d never seen it in M+.

Still no drops from the raid, but at least from the Vault and I could upgrade some stuff.

I was asked if I’d be on on Monday for more M+ and I said yes, not really knowing what to expect. We met and timed a +20 Atal’Dazar, then followed up with a +18 Black Rook Hold (also never seen this one on M+) and so we’re aiming to get a fourth one in after the Tuesday raid for the Great Vault. I suppose if this works I’m already halfway to Keystone Hero, might as well get the mount.

Tuesday, many tries on Smolderon and then he finally died, and I got the trinket, yay. Then a quick Waycrest Manor +18 and the week is over.

I’m kinda salty that playing Fury in M+ is fun, while the single target spec is not. And I only notice this 10 weeks in.

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