Raiding Amirdrassil – week 13, 14, AOTC

Week 13 was uneventful, Sunday and Tuesday full of good tries and bad.

But today we killed Fyrakk on Heroic and have our third AOTC achievement in Dragonflight, on the 68th pull, it somehow a little anticlimactic with a 21% wipe as the first try of the evening and finishing on the 6th pull. After that a raid break was announced quite unisono, because no active raiders were missing (which is good) but I’m a little sad we’re not reclearing even once.

AOTC: Fyrakk the Blazing

After that we did two more +20 (one timed +1, one 80s over time) to fill out the Vault slots, kinda ironic that it’s not helping as my goals on this char are done. Also got to 2700 rating, my all time best, and just one +20 timed missing for the port. Guess I have 6 weeks to get that now and maybe focus a little on the shammy and trying to heal anything over +14.

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