Achievements, SoD, M+

For some reason I started doing achievements again in WoW retail. I suppose it was talking to someone from my raid group who boasted a little bit about having finished so many.

I got 2 or 3 factions to Exalted (Laughing Skull Orcs, Steamwheedle Preservation Society), I looked for rares and treasures in Tanaan Jungle and the rest of Draenor. I did some random achievements in Draenor and BfA, I still have 2 toons parked in Revendreth and Bastion to do some dailies ten times…

I finished the TBC “Bloody Rare” achievement by positioning one toon per Outland zone and flying circles several times per day, for a week, I killed all but one Northrend rares for “Frostbitten” and now I’m camping Vyragosa, who unfortunately seems to share a spawn with the Time-Lost Protodrake that everyone’s still farming a decade later…

I should have written down where I started but I’m less than 100 points away from 25000 now, which may not seem like much but it’s ok if you look at like I’ve ignored PvP for about 15 years and had an 8 year break from raiding. Still annoying if I look at some other people in guild.

For M+1, 20s seem to be no problem, but we failed a 21 Atal’Dazar to then 2 chest a +20, a bit silly. Still missing Throne on +20 for my port.

And I started a Warlock in Season of Discovery, duoing with a Hunter. Tried a Rogue to Level 6 first, but melee and ranged… been there, done that.

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