Guild Wars 2

GW2 all the time

So I guess I’ve been busy. Being on vacation and a bit sick and not leaving the house apparently doesn’t help.
A ton of stuff happened:

Scarlet Crusade?

  • Warrior is equipped as good as it gets now, without further Ascended pieces (2 green Berserker Accessories that could be Exotic Soldiers, and Rares in the off-gear, but that’s good enough for me
  • Thief is also basically done, full Berserker, but with a few greens and Rares
  • Guardian is missing 2 pieces of Exotic gear
  • Ranger is nearly full Berserker Rares or better and in Act 3 of Living World Season 3
  • Mesmer is lacking quite some gear, but in Act 3 of HoT
  • Tequatl gave me an Ascended Weapon Box, but it’s Carrion – have to research…
  • 18 Chests of Exotic Equipment left me a bit “meh” with the results
  • Sitting at 3215 Achievement Points
  • Finished the last Tequatl Achievement
  • Finished “For the Children!” and got a tree!


Noble’s Equip is kinda ok

So right now I’m researching specs and trying to make some of them a bit beefier in solo play.
So the TODO list hasn’t changed much. Except now it also includes getting the Necro to 80, crafting some more bags, and earning a ton of Hero Points on some characters, also some respecs.

Preordering GW2… again

I wrote a post back when I preordered Heart of Thorns in June 2015. So on September 15th I did it again and preordered the Ultimate edition of Path of Fire, Guild Wars 2’s second expansion. I’ve been playing again for a few weeks now, the cash shop was not in my face, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself and this is my “Thanks developers, have some money, because I don’t have to pay a monthly fee”. That’s less than 200 EUR for more than 2 years of GW2, if I had chosen to play that much. WoW would’ve been at least 300 EUR for exactly 2 years.
This time I’m not forgetting to take a screenshot of the page:
So yes, I like this package – I’ve bought HoT with gems that lasted me until now and now I have 4000 more gems to spend and in between there’s a few bonus things.
“Pre-purchase before launch and receive one Sunspear Weapon Skin of your choice, a Miniature Balthazar, and the title of Elonian Envoy.”
Also not bad for just buying it a few days earlier than launch.

I’m not so much excited for the content (I liked Tyria better than the HoT content) but we’ll see. I’m definitely eager to check it out, but not necessarily on launch day.
I now also have 2 open slots, 2 character professions missing, and 2 Level 80 boosts. Fits perfectly, and still there’s so much to do even without this.

Running out of clever GW2 titles

Big surprise, I’ve been playing GW2. Did some more levelling/using Tomes and now the roster looks like this:

  • Warrior – 80
  • Thief – 80
  • Guardian – 80
  • Mesmer – 80
  • Ranger – 80
  • Necromancer – 64
  • Engineer – 32

Just finished the story quests at 30 on the Engineer, nearly finished Act 1 of Heart of Thorns on the Mesmer, did the 3 daily quests for most days in the last 2 weeks and worked on some achievements:

  • 75% map completion (actually 78 already)
  • 13/18 Heart of Thorns Act 1 (needed a second playthrough, working on the rest)
  • Got to 520/1000 skins
  • Got my first set of Cultural Armor (Norn, Heavy, Tier 1)
  • a few Jumping Puzzles (most are really fun)
  • Got all Tyria Mastery Insights
  • Progressed a bit along “Anomalous Occurrences”
  • Alpha Crafter
  • 2745 (2205 + 540) Achievement Points (boo)

So the current plans are:

  • 100% map completion on the Warrior
  • finish the Personal Story (instance quest) on the Warrior
  • progress in HoT with the Mesmer
  • collect a little more equip for Mesmer and Ranger
  • maybe craft a 3rd Ascended piece (currently: Helm, Legs, Amulet, 2 Rings)
  • wrap up some achievements
  • Level Chef and Scribe to 400 (hopefully)
  • decide if any of the PoF elite specs are worth preparing some spare Hero Points

Guild Wars 2 Update

Ranger at 63

Yeah, I’ve played a lot of GW2 in the last 2 weeks. First I brought my Mesmer to 80 (boosting with Tomes between the Story missions) and grabbed enough Hero points to get the Chronomancer weapon, then I levelled my Ranger normally to 63, still doing all the Story missions (maybe  a bad idea to do them twice in a two week window).
Then I noticed that I had never finished the Personal Story on my first 80, the Norn Warrior, so I did all of them and am stuck now at the very last once – the instance one. I’ve never done an instance in GW2 so that might be a fun experience, which I postponed for now.
Apparently crafting doesn’t give as much XP as I thought, so it’s probably not really wasted when you do it at max-level. I do need to level Tailoring and Chef, but I’ve not yet decided on which toon.
This is how I’ve set it up currently:

  • Warrior – 500 Armorsmith
  • Thief – 200 Huntsman / 500 Leatherworking
  • Guardian – 400 Jeweler / 400 Weaponsmithing
  • Necromancer – 380ish Artificer


Mesmer at 80

So maybe Chef for the Warrior and Tailoring either for Necromancer or Mesmer.
I’m also not big on Achievements in this game, but I think I should really at least get to 75% map completion and finally continue with Heart of Thorns. This isn’t even in anticipation of the new Expansion, apparently measuring levels is a really good idea for my playstyle – as soon as I hit max-level my interest plateaus pretty quickly. More so in WoW, but in GW2 it’s also more like.. “get a decent set of gear, continue to next character”
I did read up on how to get Ascended gear and the Warrior actually has a Helm, Amulet (and as of last week, also 2 Rings) – but I really should check if and how to continue there.
Oh, and I’m still sitting on 200 Tomes and a few Level 20 boosts and a Level 80 boost. So if I use the 80 boost and get another character slot for fully boosting an Elementalist (60) and the Ranger (17) and the Necro (16) I still have too many even if I boost the Engineer (56). Wow.

Busy in Tyria

Ranger at 40

Oh wow, I haven’t written about Guild Wars 2 in a while, but I didn’t play much I guess. In December ’15 I wrote “80 Warrior, 80 Thief, 46 Necromancer, 30 Guardian, 13 Engineer and 6 Ranger”.
Trying to retell the order of events: Guardian hit 80, went to be a Dragonhunter. Necro is got to 60, Engineer got to 20. That was in 2016, I guess.
When I started to play again last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) I did some crafting first. The Necro is now 62 thanks to levelling Artificer to 265. Then I wasted the tasty XP because the Dragonhunter is now at 400 Weaponsmithing. Then I levelled the Engineer to 25 and stopped playing after researching builds and not liking what I saw at all. So I switched to the Ranger, played until Level 13 and used one of the “Get to Level 20” boosts. Then I levelled without any boosts to 40. Didn’t continue the story yet.
Mesmer at 30

Also I finally spent most of the Gems I still had from buying Heart of Thorns on 2 character slots and a crafting mats expension because they were on sale. So I started a (Female Human) Mesmer and boosted her from 2 to 20, then did my story mode quests, finally used a few of my >200 Tomes of Knowledge and am now sitting at Level 30, waiting for the story quests to continue (but I logged out for lunch and writing a post.) So that’s >200 Tomes of Knowledge left, and also one full Level 80 boost. Maybe I got that when I bought Heart of Thorns as well? I think I’m saving this one for a Revenant as I’m not particularly interested in an Elementalist.
So that’s it now. Enough Tomes to boost whatever I like, but playing the Ranger is fun. Mesmer as well, but I think I’ll continue boosting her for now. And I still haven’t levelled Chef, Scribe, or Tailoring at all.

Back to Tyria

Hawkeye is still 55, but a lot closer to 56. I’ve visited the Danger Room a lot, but wasn’t in the mood to grind.
But I’m back in Tyria! After contemplating rolling a Guardian for many months I finally did it. Went for the biggest baddest Norn possible and I’m having a blast. Steamrolled my way to 30 in under 12h with no urgency, just playing and doing what I liked. Used one Tome of Knowledge for 19->20 to get the story going, though. Jeweler is at 150, so only a bit of crafting done.
So my characters are now 80 Warrior, 80 Thief, 46 Necromancer, 30 Guardian, 13 Engineer and 6 Ranger. I need more character slots.

I blame the summer

Not much has happened in the last month since I posted.

Thief at 80
Thief at 80

Draconic Armor
Draconic Armor

Mostly because I didn’t play that much. A tiny bit of Marvel Heroes (but not even a single new hero at 60) and some GW2.
My Thief reached Level 80 (and I only spent less than 10 Tomes of Knowledge for the last levels, everything else is pure manual labor :P).
I even got to 400 Leatherworker for some Exotic Gear.
My Asura Necro is 33, but it’s going slooow and I have a Charr Engineer at ~15.
The new pic shows my Warrior in his shiny Exotic Draconic Gear I handcrafted (Armorsmith at 500).
In August I’m offline (gaming-wise) for two weeks, this will only be the second time since I started playing both MH and GW2 that I’ll miss my daily login bonus.

Preordering Heart of Thorns and other purchases

A while ago (I’m pretty sure it was in March) there was a sale on Guild Wars 2, it always sounded kind of nice, WildStar was just not cutting it at the time – and so I bought GW2 for around 10-12 EUR. I’ve since levelled one character to 80, reached 500 in one crafting skill, levelled some alts to 30, 20, and 10 and in general had quite some fun and unlike in other games I not once felt pushed to buy something on the Gem store (aka with real money). Then a while later I learned about the upcoming expansion: Heart of Thorns. I didn’t (and still don’t) exactly know what it was going to bring (expansions in WoW have been a mixed bag, and so far I’ve been there for all of them…), but I was pretty sure I’d get it.
So recently the preorder page went up and there were the 3 options: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. I thought about it for a little while, then decided the Standard one was a bit plain. The Deluxe looked about right from the contents (but seemed a bit pricy) but in the end I opted for the Ultimate – I’ll get some of the Gem currency I haven’t *needed* so far, but I was looking forward to a few nice things.
Most of Reddit will probably disagree and tell me how horrible I am, taking up what Arenanet puts up as an offer. But still, I don’t see this more as thanking them for my past enjoyment of the game in the last 3 months (for a laughable price of less than a month’s subscription in other games) and trusting them to not fuck this up in the near future and not so much blindly accepting what they give us. I know this can send mixed signals and maybe just buying some currency for the store would’ve sent less mixed signals – but the opportunity was at the right time, for the right price.
In other news, I recently bought a few things off GoG and Steam, namely Borderlands 2 (which is pretty good, and I like it a lot better than Borderlands) with all the DLC for 10 EUR, The Witcher 1+2 (was cheap and I’m interested – but I don’t have high enough hopes to stick longer than a few hours, that’s why Witcher 3 was out), Mass Effect 1+2 (read so many good things, can’t wait) for ~7 EUR and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag for 8 EUR – because the start of Brotherhood wasn’t especially good (after the phenomal AC 2) and when I get back, I might as well play the part that’s widely said to be the best part.
Totally unrelated, but apparently I hate having games on Steam that I had already owned before. It shows “Played: 0 hours” when in fact I spent days, weeks or even months playing them. But it doesn’t annoy me half as much as WoW not retroactively having given me basically all WSG, AB and AV achievements when they were introduced. One does not simply reach rank 11 without a five base win or 2000:1990 or whatever it was. Back then I was very much tempted to open tickets and link to screenshots of my past exploits.

Oh, this GW2 thing

I dinged 80 on my Norn Warrior last Sunday (May 31st) and totally forgot to post, what a shame!



The game’s still pretty fun and after I got my last level I instantly went for Tequatl again and also did enough PvP matches to get my Exotic Greatsword. When seeing other classes I’m still not sure Warrior was the correct choice for me as I feel immensely underpowered… but it’s probably a l2p issue. Now to slowly grind towards Exotic and maybe Ascended gear.
My Necro is still at Level 20 and I also started a Human Thief and played to around Level 13 – pretty fun as well.

Slowly levelling in GW2

My Norn Warrior is halfway between 59 and 60 and while I still kind of like the game, I much prefer Marvel Heroes at the moment – and I think I didn’t even try to play another game for a while.
I kind of want to reach 80, and it’s not that I’m stuck, but it seems to drag on a little. I am pretty happy that there’s no rested XP (as far as I know) because something that always annoyed me in WoW was having to find an inn to log out – here I can just stay wherever I am when logging out.