Podcast update

I wrote about podcasts in the past and not much has changed.
The one I’m looking forward to every week is AggroChat and I’ve listened to every single episode.
Lately I’ve come back to the Massively OP Podcast and I’ve listened to 24 episodes out of the last ~35. It’s a bit heavy on current stuff, so there’s not so much use going through the backlog.
Battle Bards is an alltime favorite and I need to listen to those 13 episodes (excl the latest) I missed (out of 135 + 14). I did not listen to it for the first half of 2017 and just haven’t caught up.
Unfortunately none (except one) of the SWTOR podcasts I tried [0] have really clicked with me. For some of them the hosts seem to be talking over each other all the time, sometimes it’s just a little long-winded, some I enjoyed a few episodes of, then it didn’t work out. Sometimes it’s as simple as me not liking the hosts’ voices. I know that’s petty but I used to say I’m not a big fan of podcasts – and I’d still say it’s true. If anyone involved is reading this, I’m sorry. It’s definitely me, not you.
I sampled a lot of them (not just SWTOR) and the ones above are the only ones I’ve been sticking with for a few years. There are only 2-3 more in general I ever stuck with. The one I did like was State of the Old Republic – but that’s not so surprising as I did listen to the Hunting Party Podcast back when I played WoW, despite never maining a hunter. But it’s pretty short, which is fine unless you need more material 😛
But I finally managed to watch the rest of the Pugging with Shintar episodes of Season 2. Too bad I am absolutely not good with remembering tactics anymore. The explanations would be helpful enough… I know this is not a podcast, but I watch it on the second screen while playing. It’s mostly audio and a little less watching for me.
I exclusively listen to podcasts while playing games (MMOs or puzzles) – and never when I’m interested in the story (like in SWTOR), that means not with new content or content I haven’t done in a while – mostly while killing mobs or while spacebaring through stuff I’ve really seen 10 times (Hello, Makeb!). I think for this limited scope managing to be caught up on this amount isn’t too bad. I’m just glad I don’t have this fear of missing out – I am absolutely happy to ignore all the podcasts about topics I’m interested in if I don’t instantly love it (and I still give them a fair chance, usually).
[0]: Shintar has a list in her sidebar that I’m too lazy to copy, one currently (indefinitely?) on hiatus (Corellian Run Radio) is missing. I think don’t know any others, but I’ve not yet explored a lot – checking 7 new ones was already some work.

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Gaming Podcasts in 2018

I might have mentioned it, I’m listening to a few podcasts, originally the list was pretty small, but it kinda grew over time:

  • Battle Bards – I think this was the first podcast I listened to regularly
  • AggroChat – I’ve listened to every episode except for 2 that are on my todo list (145 and 151)
  • Massively Overpowered – Listened to it for a while in the past and again lately. I like it, but I’m not so much interested in “gaming news” as in the hosts telling stories about exploits.
  • All Things Geekery – Stumbled over this via Blaugust Reborn and listened to the whole Season 2.
  • I used to listen to a few EVE podcasts while I was playing, but I don’t really remember right now
  • And too bad that Cat Context hasn’t been running for a while 🙁

As to how I’m listening? Only when I’m playing something moderately grindy, e.g. leveling in a zone for the umpteenth time where I already know all the quests. Doesn’t work for cutscene-heavy stuff, e.g. GW2’s personal story, or KotFE or KotET in SWTOR. Works fine for all the levels in between (and I can easily pause it for the important cutscenes). Sometimes it’s even “I want to listen to the latest episode of X, so I may as well level a bit in the meantime” 😛
I already bookmarked a handful of other gaming podcasts during this month and will have a look at them, but if you have any recommendations, please do post them! (Preferably no Twitch/etc streams, please, I’m really not a fan of live content and/or the usual content of streams.)

PS: Blaugust has started and this is my thirtieth post. Stay tuned for a summary tomorrow!

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Gaming podcasts

I used to say I don’t like podcasts, then I discovered Battle Bards and have listened to every episode ever since.  Well, maybe I discovered it quite timely when it launched, but I was at least giving it a spin. It might have helped that I read Syp‘s and Syl‘s blogs already.
Only one or two months ago I stumbled over AggroChat while reading Belghast’s Tales of the Aggronaut blog. Funny fact about this is that I had visited his site already at least once or twice in the past (by being linked to from some other blog, but had not liked it enough to subscribe to the feed. But this time around, around October I think, it suddenly appealed to me and I’ve been looking forward to his daily post ever since.
And this is where their participation in The Gaming and Entertainment Network probably paid off, because I was shopping around and found Cat Context and have listened to around 15 episodes now.
So that’s it for now, I’m not using any podcast app or listening on the go, but it’s nice while levelling in MMOs.

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